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Images made since this page was developed!

oh-58-b412-dep-hofburg-screen.jpg (48534 Byte)
Austrian Bell OH-58A "Kiowa" 
leads  Slovenien Bell 412EP 
on departure from Heldenplatz,
Vienna city, October 27th, 2000
uh60l-dep-heldenplatz.jpg (23055 Byte)
Sikorsky UH-60L "Blackhawk"
departs in front of Heldentor,
Vienna city, October 27th, 2000
su27-russianknight-parked-zeltweg97.jpg (26026 Byte)
Sukhoj Su-27A" Flanker" of the 
"Russian Knights" aerial 
demonstration team, Zeltweg 97
su-27-ukr-demo-dep.jpg (17357 Byte)
Sukhoj Su-27A" Flanker" of the
Ukrainian Air Force departs at 
Airpower 2000 show at Zeltweg
line-up-cannon-rs96.jpg (23359 Byte)
Line-Up at Cannon AFB, NM for 
"Roving Sands 96". Visible are 
F-111Fs, F-15Cs + F-16C
ab204-side-with-stretcher.jpg (29202 Byte)
Agusta-Bell AB204 of FlR3
passing the crowd at Linz
uh-60l-cruise-slant-ho.jpg (36937 Byte)
Sikorsky UH-60L "Blackhawk"
cruises west of Vienna inbound
Tulln air-base.
su-30-dep-loan.jpg (19678 Byte)
Sukhoj Su-30 departs Wiener
Neustadt for its display
fa-18d-dep.jpg (23637 Byte)
Boeing F/A-18D Hornet starts its
display with a steep climb at
Farnborough 1998.
drag08-pass-rl2.jpg (18458 Byte)
Saab J-35Oe Draken 08
in its splendid  "Ostarrichi"
scheme passes the stunned 
crowd at Airpower 2000
refuel-f16.jpg (35211 Byte)
Lockheed F-16A MLU 
"Fighting Falcon" of the Belgian
Air Force takes on some gas from
a Boeing KC-135R "Stratotanker"
of the 100th ARW, Mildenhall, GB 
over Western Germany
ab204-dep.jpg (13292 Byte)
Agusta-Bell AB204 demonstrating
a steep departure at Linz.